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It’s January—aren’t you already organizing your home?

Call it the Marie Kondo effect, but come January, most people seem to get a little Tidying-Up focused. A place for everything and everything in its place. It’s an adage many of us strive to live up to, but so often don’t quite have the time or energy to implement on our own.

As part of our what-if-it’s-our-space-not-our-organization-that’s-the-problem journey, we took a tour of the newly renovated California Closets Burnaby showroom for a little inspiration. From palatial walk-ins to micro-condos, pantries to working garages, the showroom’s displays highlight form and function at every turn and give you the chance to wander, open doors, see details up close, and imagine the life-changing magic of a closet actually designed to help you stay organized.

Here are a few of our favourite displays:

The showroom’s masculine themed walk-in closet features rich, deep colours, crown molding, and pull-out hooks that allow smaller items like belts and ties to be accessible when you need them and neatly tucked away when you don’t.

“One of the most common things people come to us with are odd spaces: vaulted ceilings, funny angles, awkward panels that you still need to be able to access. We assess what you have and the needs of the space, without it looking obvious that there was a problem to cover up,” says marketing coordinator Christi Hall. “This is your stuff, this is your life, let’s build around it.”

A staged condo features a counterbalanced queen-sized Murphy bed light enough to tuck into place with one finger, a pop-out island table, and cheerful eco-resin cabinet panels.

“Colour schemes are ever-evolving and different for every person,” says Hall. “Incorporating patterns together creates some amazing visuals. Think of your space as a canvas. It can be scary, wondering if you’re going to get bored of something, but our designers work to make sure you’re happy in the long term.” We love the sleek vibrancy of the high gloss solid acrylic paired with delicate Italian glass.

Originally posted on Western Living | January 26, 2017

California Closets provides a range of unique and beautiful custom closets, closet organizers, and closet storage systems for any room in the home. Call us at 604.320.6575 or visit our Burnaby showroom to get a firsthand look at the systems, finishes, and accessories offered.

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