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Murphy Beds & Wall Beds

Murphy Beds (sometimes called Wall Beds) are masterful creations designed to pop down whenever something, or someone unexpected pops up. No room for a guest room? Our Murphy Beds with beautiful cabinetry, finishes, and shelving let you create a multifunctional room without additional space. They’re designed to seamlessly integrate into our custom storage systems, transforming an office area, or any area, into a stylish sleeping space.

Key Product Features

  • A Murphy bed creates a multipurpose room to accommodate out-of-town guests without interrupting the everyday functionality of your office space.
  • A full range of bed sizes accommodates a variety of needs.
  • A side-tilt option optimizes limited space whereas the standard bed style extends perpendicular to the wall and feels like a traditional bed.
  • A pull-out drawer with a side table acts as a nightstand.
  • Storage cabinets around the bed store pillows, blankets, and sheets.
  • Decorative molding and trim options give this unit the look of built-in furniture, seamlessly integrating it into any space.
  • Lighting options such as LED, puck, and ribbon lights with multiple switching choices increase functionality and accessibility.
  • Push-to-open door and drawer hardware offer ease of use.

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