Reach-In Closet Ideas by California Closets

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Reach-In Closets

A reach-in closet is probably the most important place in your home to introduce solutions that maximize storage. Since the space is small but accessible, it requires a combination of high function and bedroom design aesthetic. Drawers, shelves, inserts, differing heights of hanging rods, and other options give clothing, shoes, and accessories a home that is organized and easily accessible.

Key Product Features

  • A custom-designed closet includes space-saving options, such as multiple hanging areas, adjustable shelving, drawers, baskets, and hampers.
  • Pull-out accessories such as belt, tie, scarf, and valet rods maximize space and organization.
  • A set of drawers in a reach-in closet adds storage capacity and puts everything within reach.
  • Our drawers feature dovetail construction, undermount slides, and quiet soft-close mechanisms to ensure superior quality and a lifetime of use.
  • Options for on- or off-the-floor construction are available to fit your budget, aesthetic, and storage needs.
  • Lighting increases functionality and accessibility, dramatically enhancing the aesthetic of a simple design.
  • Options include LED, puck, and ribbon lights with multiple switching choices.
  • Our designs can take advantage of corners with custom solutions that maximize small spaces.
  • Pull-out accessories such as belt, tie, scarf, and valets maximize space and organization.
  • Choose from a variety of door styles—both sliding and standard—made of solid wood or with special inserts for a personalized aesthetic.

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