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Wine Bar

Practical storage paired with elegant details that create an organized and sophisticated space where it’s easy to relax, unwind and entertain. Beautifully crafted shelving, door and drawer faces, countertops, and lighting work together to create an area tailored to the specific needs of storing, sipping and enjoying wine with friends.

Key Product Features

  • A custom wine bar creates a perfect space for storing your collection and fits your entertaining needs when hosting guests.
  • Storage for wine bottles allows for easy viewing and access.
  • Counter space provides a place for pouring and serving wine.
  • Lighting in a wine bar enhances functionality and dramatically changes the aesthetic of a simple design.
  • Options include LED, puck, and ribbon lights with multiple switching choices.
  • Shelves and cabinetry can be designed to accommodate an integrated wine refrigerator.
  • Racks and accessories display beautiful glassware and stemware.
  • Doors elegantly conceal liquor bottles and supplies you’d like to keep hidden.
  • Wine cubbies offer quick and easy access to bottles.

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