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Commercial Spaces

A streamlined and elegantly designed office space creates a purposeful and productive environment for employees and customers.

Key Product Features

  • Custom desks and cubicle spaces in a variety of finishes can match your company’s particular brand and style.
  • Shelving solutions with open and closed options depending on your workspace needs.
  • Open shelving and cabinets allow for elegant display storage.
  • Retail solutions allow customers to easily browse your wares, from apparel to books.
  • Reception desks and entry storage systems in a variety of designs can be tailored to set the tone for your company the moment clients walk in the door.
  • A range of knobs, pulls, doors, and drawer front options provide design selections to fit your aesthetic.
  • Options for wooden and acrylic drawer inserts, as well as leather and acrylic shelving, create further customization opportunities.
  • Our drawers feature dovetail construction, undermount slides, and quiet soft close mechanisms to ensure superior quality and a lifetime of use.
  • Lighting increases functionality and dramatically enhances the aesthetic of a simple design.

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The cost of your storage solution is driven by the complexity of the design and materials you choose. We can design the perfect storage solution for your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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Your design consultant will help you choose the right finish – dark or light, smooth or textured – to accent your décor and refine your style.


The right lights can illuminate your clothing within a walk-in closet or accent a stunning display in your entertaining centre, adding both function and beauty to a space.


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