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Mudroom Storage

From winter to spring, and throughout summer and fall, the mudroom needs to provide a sense of organization and accessibility for a plethora of gear and outerwear. Well-designed hanging space, shelving, hardware, and sitting areas create organization and efficiency—without sacrificing style—in the most high-traffic, transitional area of the home. A smart use of space allows for quick access to whoever’s coming in, or going out, year after year.

Key Product Features

  • Custom built-in cabinetry, as well as decorative moldings and details, create the look and feel of installed furniture and can be designed to match the rest of the home.
  • Open storage offers easy access for items used daily as family members go in and out of the home, making these transitions seamless and less chaotic.
  • Designated cubbies for shoes and children’s small belongings, like gloves, help minimize clutter and misplaced items alike.
  • Hooks make grabbing coats and backpacks easy.
  • Various finishes are available to match the look and feel of the rest of the system.
  • An integrated bench area provides a place for putting on and taking off shoes and boots, as well as additional storage underneath.
  • Specialized, out-of-the-way storage areas can be included to house seasonal items, sports equipment, and more, depending on your family’s needs.
  • Puck lighting illuminates the space.

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