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California Closets Windsor - Garage Storage and Cabinets


Did you know your garage has the potential for greatness? It might be hiding behind the kids’ bikes or under the busted Christmas tree box, or maybe near that pile of old patio furniture. But somewhere in there is the potential for the well-organized garage of your dreams. And we’re here to help you find it.

At California Closets Windsor, we’ll show you how to transform your garage from top to bottom—with a little planning, some smart storage ideas and lots of our expert guidance.

California Closets Windsor - Garage Storage and Cabinets


Your garage makeover starts with making a plan from the ground up. From garage shelves and cabinets to a garage workbench and wall storage, we’ve got all your garage storage needs covered.

Garage storage cabinets: Our clever storage cabinets are custom-designed to fit your garage space and all the things in it. You can hang one cabinet or a dozen, adjust the height and width, or combine closed cabinets and open garage shelving in different ways.

Garage workbench: The workbench is the hard-working foundation of any garage. You can use it as a place to stow your tools, to work on your DIY projects, to catch up on your hobbies… and as a spot to set your well-deserved beer down when you’re done.

Garage shelves: Floor space is hard to come by in most garages, and that’s where our handy shelves come in. You can customize the heights and depths to fit your space, or even install double-decker garage shelves for twice the storage capacity.

We understand that storage space is at a premium for modern families in Windsor. Our design team will work with you to maximize every square inch of your garage space, transforming it into a well-organized and efficient extension of your home.

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California Closets Windsor provides a range of unique and beautiful custom closets, closet organizers, and closet storage systems for any room in the home. Call us at 519.723.2100 or visit our Maidstone showroom to get a firsthand look at the systems, finishes, and accessories offered.

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