A Dream Closet for a Dream Home: Gurjeet & Justin’s Story

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A Dream Closet for a Dream Home: Gurjeet & Justin’s Story

client: Gurjeet & Justin Sangha

location: Vancouver, BC

design consultant: Zainub Malik

A Dream Closet for a Dream Home: Gurjeet & Justin’s Story

What They Wanted

Gurjeet and Justin Sangha had built “one too many homes” over the course of their marriage. And now with four children in tow, they were ready to settle down in their dream home—one with a luxurious walk-in closet for Gurjeet.

When it came to space, the couple had plenty—16 x 16 feet, to be exact. But the couple needed an expert eye to design all that room tastefully and effectively.

I wanted Gurjeet to have a closet she could enjoy for years to come. I’ve always associated California Closets with [being] the Rolls-Royce of closets. I just knew that if we didn’t do this right the first time, we’d regret it.

Justin Sangha
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How we did it

Justin and Gurjeet shared their hopes for a space that would have the “wow” factor with California Closets Vancouver design consultant Zainub Malik, who was struck by the enthusiasm and precision of Justin and the ready hugs from Gurjeet.

Together, the couple opted for features that felt extra special including satin glass, numerous display cases, and even crystal-encrusted handles. Four hampers keep the closet looking nice and neat—a must, given the foot traffic.

We were married on my 23rd birthday, and we started off with nothing. I’m always striving for more, but this closet gives me a sense of, Hey, we’ve made it.

Justin Sangha

When Zainub came out, we connected right away. She cared about what we wanted. I have a lot of Indian clothing and a lot of jewelry, and she understood that I needed a place for all of that.

Gurjeet Sangha

Final Result

Gurjeet’s closet is now a coveted oasis that has made everyday life easier. For example, she no longer has to rotate seasonal clothing items. Instead, everything can be displayed and appreciated year-round. In Justin and Gurjeet’s eyes, the closet is an accomplishment they can both be proud of and a space that brings lasting value to their home.

I do a lot in my closet. The girls come in and try on all of my clothes. I do yoga in my closet. When my friends come over, we go to the closet to hang out and drink wine.

Gurjeet Sangha

Design Details


Lago® Adriatic Mist

Hardware & Accessories:

Polished Chrome and crystal handles

Matte Aluminum fluted poles

Pull-out valet rod

Pull-out tie rack

Pull-out belt rack

Tilt-out hamper

Angled shelves with shoe fences

Microsuede jewelry dividers

Acrylic shelf dividers


Aluminum frame doors with clear glass inserts

5-pc Shaker doors with frosted glass inserts

High gloss drawer fronts

Glass shelves

Customer-supplied countertop

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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