A Closet that Soothes the Soul: Cynthia’s Story

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A Closet that Soothes the Soul: Cynthia’s Story

client: Cynthia Newman

location: Indianapolis, IN

design consultant: Susan Martin-Gibbons

A Closet that Soothes the Soul: Cynthia’s Story

What She Wanted

Cynthia Newman has always believed that when you look good, you feel good. Having married a man who appreciates clothes almost as much as she does, she’d always dreamed of having a closet of her own. Then Cynthia’s mother, shortly before passing, encouraged her to do something for herself. A custom closet, Cynthia decided, would be “that something.”

Tiffany. That was the vision I had in mind. I wanted something vibrant and girly—I wanted the Tiffany blue.

Cynthia Newman
Story Video
Cynthia Newman Client Story Walk in Closet Redesign Before Images

How we did it

Cynthia and California Closets Indianapolis design consultant Susan Martin-Gibbons met at a home show. Susan had taken notice of Cynthia’s hat, and months later, she was helping Cynthia bring her in-home boutique to life.

Though Cynthia was inspired by the iconic brand’s timeless look, she had a number of practical needs too. Namely, creating space to properly store and display her large wardrobe.

Together, the Susan and Cynthia collaborated on a functional design and added the Tiffany touch with a chic chandelier, black-and-white carpeting, and teal walls. A large armoire makes the search for perfect accessories easy, while ample shelving lifts Cynthia’s shoes out of bins and into the spotlight.

Susan measured everything, [including] how much space I would need for my evening gowns. She counted my shirts, my pants. She even paid attention to how [my closet] would work for me in the future, so I wouldn’t grow out of it.

Cynthia Newman

When I walked in, I immediately thought, ‘This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I walk into the closet, and I’m in a different frame of mind.’

Cynthia Newman

Final Result

For Cynthia, clothes aren’t just clothes, but the means through which she expresses her best self. Now, her closet is, too.

Every item in Cynthia’s closet now has a special place, including those treasured pieces she’s inherited from her mother, so her morning ritual is less chaotic. The ripple effect, however, amounts to so much more.

Self-care is essential. You don’t always think of self-care as a tangible thing, but this closet was so gratifying. [I feel that] when I pause to take care of myself, I can give more to others from my overflow.

Cynthia Newman

Design Details


Lago® Bellissima White

Hardware & Accessories:

Polished Chrome and crystal handles

Pull-out valet rod

Pull-out belt racks

Microsuede jewelry dividers

Acrylic jewelry dividers

Tilt-out hamper


Slab drawer fronts

Decorative fascia

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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